i love talking about myself



As you read in the home page, my name is Rose/Love and I'm 23! This page will get more into a personal bio as well as the things I really enjoy, so I may go on for a while and end up updating this as time goes on!

You'll be able to find a huge wall of blinkies, buttons, and stamps at the bottom of this page (soon!) because I didn't wanna clog up my home page.

If you want an explanation of my gender that only makes sense to me, click here!


Pretty much everything you can see on the directory is my favorite stuff of all, but I'll go into more details here!

I absolutely love any and all things science and medicine, they've interested me for a great while now! Anything to do with human or animal anatomy, biology, surgery, or medicine is my big thing. I love medical machinery as well, and I have a particular love for nuclear medicine.

I also love nuclear energy!! I want to swim in a reactor cooling pool and I want to eat a Uranium fuel rod. I don't care if they would kill me. At least three of my fursonas are based off of this love, and even more of my regular OCs are based off of or around it. I know everything there is to know about Chernobyl, Pripyat, Fukushima Daichi, and Three Mile Island, as well as a handful of other nuclear disasters and superfund sites around me!

As for other things, I really like music (literally all types. all of it.), art history, video games, books, CDs, pretty much everything there! As I stated on my homepage, I also love taxidermy and collecting specimens, and I plan on growing my collection even more in the future! I love to collect antiques, I have a large collection of teacups and bells that I've gotten from antiques shops.

On the less obsessive side of things, I really love planes, dead languages, animal care, abstract art, victorian-era surgery, prehistoric and paleolithic fauna, sculpting, painting, computer worms, malware in general, cyber security, and a ton of other things that I literally can't remember right now. I'll add onto this list when I remember them.

I'm trying to get back into reading like I used to, now that I have some time and I'm in college. I envy my younger self's mind. I'll be adding in a section to talk about novels I love/hate/am ambivalent about when I get around to it. Hopefully soon!

Eventually, once I get more used to coding and such, I hope to also have a section on here speaking about museums I've gone to and my favorite paintings from them, as well as a few archives where anyone can view them. Truly, it isn't the same to see them on a screen, but it is better than never seeing them.


I do have a few other websites! I don't use a lot of the accounts I have, but I am mainly active on toyhou.se and tumblr, I do NOT tend to use Twitter anymore and I don't have a Facebook! I try to keep a very small digital footprint for personal reasons.

I am all for internet safety, and for this reason I will not be giving out any of my disorders/mental issues/physical issues/medications. I don't know why this is such a common thing these days honestly. It kind of worries me. But that's not my problem!

I try to be a friendly person, but I am very very picky with the friends I make. I have a handful of friends that I stick close to, and that's all I need! One of my dearest friends actually got me to start using this site, so please go check out his site as well!


I love my friends a whole lot. Here are some of my friends and links where you can find them. I'll be adding a whole lot more for each person in the future! All of the images link to each person's social media!